5 big reasons to buy an Air Purifier today

December 07, 2018 | 12:15 PM


You may not agree to this point but it is completely true that air pollution has become the second bigger killer in India. Though, air pollution in an all-time hazard, it worsens during winter months due to ecological systems prevailing in the country. Here comes a question – how to stay safe in times of air pollution? According to experts, it is not possible to wear pollution masks everywhere and this is why using an air purifier comes out as the most sought after way to tackle the polluted air quality.

Here are 5 scientifically proven reasons for why you should bring home an Air Purifier, this winter:

Alarmingly high pollution levels


Every year during winter months, cities in the norther part of India like New Delhi and the National Capital Region encounter a sharp drop in the air quality levels, up to the extent of being toxic during the winter months. A big cause of this catastrophe is industrial pollution, along with pollution caused by the burning of crackers during the festive season. The slow and cold wind conditions trap the pollutants near to the earth’s surface and prevent them from scattering.

At a time when indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor pollution, investing in a purifier seems to be a wonderful solution to stay healthy indoors.

Seasonal allergies


A large number of people suffering from allergies, often face worsen conditions during winter months. The main culprit in rising levels of air pollution that trigger on the onset of symptoms more frequently that in summer months.

An air purifier is the best solution if you suffer from indoor and environmental allergies. It traps the pollutants that float freely in the air, and ensures that the indoor air is free of all kinds of allergens.

Lack of ventilation


Though you may consider shutting down of all doors and windows to avoid polluting air from coming in, it is found to be a bad practice for your health. It might be helpful in keeping indoors warm and electricity bills lower but it can cause serious health issues if prolonged. The main reason is the stagnancy of the air pollutants inside the room due to improper air ventilation.

So not only is your indoor warmer, it is also polluted. An Air Purifier, in this case, can help with the air ventilation and also eradicate the harmful viruses, bacteria and pollen from the air.

Increased pet-related contaminants


If you have pets at home, it’s very necessary to have an air purifier during winters. During the summer, your pet, particularly if it’s a dog, spends a lot of time outdoors. But during winter months, you take your pet outside only for routine exercise or to answer nature’s call.

As your pet spends more time indoors, it increases the level of pet-associated contaminants in your air. So, if you love snuggling with your beloved canine in winters, an air purifier in your home is a must to stay clear of any infections or diseases.

Long-term health benefits


One of the benefits of breathing pure and fresh air, is that it is good for your brain activity, lungs and provides many other long term health benefits. It is one of the most influential factors in the overall growth and health of a person, just like a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In order to pave way for a healthy and smarter living, taking special care of the air we breathe is a prerequisite. And, there is nothing better than having an air purifier at home that will ensure healthier air indoors. So, this winter season, make a smart choice towards a heathier tomorrow by bringing home an air purifier.

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