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Do you know that the air inside our homes can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside? In fact, 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities are in India. In recent times, the PM 2.5 (Particular Matter) has reached extremely dangerous levels. It can not only get deep into a person’s lungs but can also enter the bloodstream. The rising level of indoor air pollution can cause several health problems like rhinitis, heart disease, bronchitis, eye irritation, and others.

Daikin introduces the next-gen air purifier with “New HEPA Filter” technology in which high-speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated. If you are looking for the best air purifier for pollution, then this purifier by Daikin should be on your list. Adapting the idea of, ‘fresh air reborn,’ this air purifier features a plethora of features for modern users’ comfort. With less power consumption and a multi-stage filtration process, this air purifier also takes care of the pollutants settled near the floor with its powerful bottom suction. As an added advantage, you can easily move it and place it conveniently in your house as it weighs only 5.6 Kg.

Moreover, in contemporary lifestyles, the need for an air purifier that matches the modern homes’ stylish interiors has increased manifold. An air purifier, that is also sleek looking is in demand among modern consumers. If you are looking for the best small air purifier for home, that also has all the features to ensure your comfort and match your lifestyle needs, then MC76VVM6 is the right choice for you. With advanced technology that also matches the modern consumers’ style needs, this air purifier by Daikin is the

Best HEPA air purifier

you can get in the Indian market. It’s time to breathe easy with Daikin Air Purifiers.
Air Purifier in Delhi


Of the total body intake 57% of our intake is indoor air. Inhaling polluted air might lead to various health problems like chest congestion, rhinitis, blocked nose, eye irritation to name a few. Hence, maintaining clean air within your living space becomes very important. Moreover, considering the pollution levels in the National Capital, having an air purifier in Delhi is important for one’s well-being and comfort. With its advanced and user-friendly features, Daikin’s MC70MVM6 is the

 Best air purifier for Delhi.

With a user-friendly design that is easy to read and use, this model comes with a wide range of features like Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter, Daikin’s Streamer discharge technology, Electrostatic filtration process for increased cleaning efficiency, the air purifier is also very economical and comes with 5 replacement filters so that users would not have to buy filters for 10 years. This Daikin air purifier has 6-stage filtration process for better air cleaning, making it the best air purifier for home in India and also the best air purifier for Delhi pollution when it comes to ensuring cleaning efficiency. Daikin's air purifying technology decomposes and removes bacteria, viruses, odours, allergens, formaldehyde, mould spores and other undesirable airborne components.

Best Room Air Purifiers


The air inside your home only looks clean. But the truth is that it is buzzing with many deadly viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye. Inhaling the polluted air can lead to various health problems like chest congestion, rhinitis, blocked nose and eye irritation, to name a few. Hence, maintaining clean air within your living space is very important and considering the current pollution levels, having an

indoor air purifier

is essential for the well-being of everyone in the family. Moreover, expecting women, young children and older adults have a weaker immune system, hence they are more susceptible to conditions such as asthma, heart disease and lung disease. In such situations, an efficient home air purifier with advanced filtration system becomes a necessity for every household. The portable room air purifier, MC30UVM6, offered by Daikin brings with it features to satisfy all your lifestyle needs.

With PM2.5 sensor and air quality indicator, this air purifier can quickly and efficiently detect ultrafine particles. It’s 3-stage filtration system of pre-stage filter, deodorizing filter, and True Electrostatic HEPA dust collection filter, make it suitable for every Indian household. The best air purifiers to match the consumers’ needs are equipped with an efficient filtration system like a HEPA filter, including the other user-friendly elements.

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