The high performing filter for optimal air purifying technique

The HEPA filter swiftly traps in the bad content from your home and give you a clean indoor environment. In addition to the many germs that it provides protection against, it also guarantees to trap pollen, allergen, smoke, and odour trapped inside due to several factors. The HEPA empowered air purifiers are equipped with electrostatic HEPA filters. They can eliminate upto 99.97% of particulate matter. It is exponentially efficient at capturing particles from your surroundings. This advanced technique captures and decomposes bacteria, allergens, moulds, mites and more.

  • The filter collects dust efficiently with electrostatic forces. It is not prone to clogging compared with unelectrified HEPA filters which collect particles only by the fineness of the mesh.
  • Therefore, a larger amount of air can pass through the filter.
  • The filter can purify a larger amount of air!

Comparison between Electrostatic HEPA Filter and Non-electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic HEPA Filter

Electrostatically charged

Filter fiber itself is charged with static electricity, and collects particles efficiently.

Doesn’t clog easily because of low pressure loss.

Non-Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatically neutral

Because it catches particles relying only on mesh size, it is necessary to make mesh finer, making it easy to be clogged.


Low pressure loss

High pressure loss

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