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Streamer Discharge technology by Daikin is all about bringing the best of technology into your home. It is a type of plasma discharge which generates high speed electrons that combine with oxygen and nitrogen in the air and turn into active species with strong oxidative decomposition power.


Thereby the active species eliminate allergens such as mould, mites (droppings and dead mites), and pollen, and hazardous chemical substances such as formaldehyde. Compared to standard plasma discharge (glow discharge), its speed of oxidative decomposition is over 1000 times greater with the same electrical power.


It successfully works against 99.9% of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The Streamer discharge hits viruses, mould, bacteria, allergens and hazardous chemical substances decomposing and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed through oxidation, rendering the virus safe.

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3C’s streamer technology


The 3-way action of the streamer technology works towards complete protection against disease causing germs, bacteria, and virus.

Clash: Clash is the action of destroying harmful substances on the dust collection filter by oxidation. The dust collection filter catches the floating substances with the attached harmful gases and Streamer decomposes the harmful gases by oxidation. Harmful gaseous chemical substances attach to the surface of floating substances in the air.

Cycle: Cycle is the technique wherein the deodorising filter absorbs and decomposes odour. This deodorising capacity cycle is maintained because the adsorbing capacity regenerates. There is no need to change the filters.

Clean: Clean is the action of removing bacteria from the dust collection filter, humidifying filter, and humidifying water.

icon_experiment_white Experimental results of Daikin Streamer technology

Experiments on viruses and bacteria

Demonstration of the inactivating effects

Demonstration of the inactivating effects against the novel Coronavirus (SARS- CoV-2) by Streamer technology.

Suppresses various viruses

Suppresses various viruses that cause summer colds and measles.

Suppresses not only the viruses

Suppresses not only the viruses that cause colds and flu, but also the RS virus.

Suppresses pathogenic

Suppresses pathogenic E. coli O157 which causes food poisoning.

Suppresses norovirus which causes winter food poisoning

Suppresses norovirus which causes winter food poisoning.

Experiments on allergens

Suppresses 16 types

Suppresses 16 types of pollen that are scattered all year round in Japan.

Simultaneous decomposition

Simultaneous decomposition of pollen + exhaust gas + PM2.5 which worsens hay fever.


Decomposes house dust (mite's feces and carcasses) that causes perennial allergic symptoms.

Suppresses the causes of allergies

Decomposes molds and mites (feces and carcasses). Suppresses the causes of allergies.

Experiments on Odor

Decomposes and suppresses

Decomposes and suppresses the bacteria causing the unpleasant odor generated inside the air conditioner.

Decomposes and suppresses Moraxella bacterium

Decomposes and suppresses Moraxella bacterium, which causes the laundry's damp odor.

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