Best Portable Room Air Purifier for Delhi

September 21, 2022 | 10:30 AM


We are now living in a time where pollution is at an all-time high and the mounting pressure of the pandemic on our heads has made us realize the importance of clean air for our health. The degrading air quality has made it necessary for us to invest in a good air purifier so that we are safe from the impurities floating around us. An air purifier can eliminate these impurities and give us a home filled with clean and fresh air to breathe. In our country, Delhi has been chosen by WHO as the city with the worst air quality, and that calls for a major check for the residents' health.

We, at Daikin, have just the right solution for you! Our company has the best air purifier in Delhi for you to bring home. This is because not all air purifiers work effectively in filtering toxins from the air. Our air purifiers use next-generation technologies like Streamer Discharge, Electrostatic HEPA filter, Plasma Ion, and more. HEPA filters are not only effective in combating air pollution but also trap harmful particles such as pollen, allergens, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.

The Electrostatic HEPA filter is a high-performing filter that is essential for optimal air-purifying techniques. The HEPA filter swiftly traps the impurities present in the air inside your home and gives you a clean indoor environment. In addition to the many germs and viruses that it protects you against, it also guarantees to capture pollen, allergens, smoke and odors trapped inside your home due to various factors. The electrostatic filter can eliminate 99.97% of particulate matter and is exponentially efficient. The filter collects dust with electrostatic force and is not prone to clogging as compared to non-electrified filters which collect particles only by the fineness of the mesh. And because it is less prone to clogging, a larger amount of air can pass through the filter which makes the filter efficiently purify a larger amount of air. The dust collection feature catches the floating substance with the attached harmful gases and the Streamer decomposes the harmful gases by oxidation.

Apart from the HEPA filter and streamer discharge, Daikin also uses the Active Plasma Ion technology. This technology uses plasma discharge to release ions into the air, attaching themselves to the surfaces of fungi and allergens and decomposing them by oxidation.

In short, Daikin air purifiers have a 3-step action against trapping the harmful germs to let you breathe pure and healthy air-

  • Powerful suction: 3-directional power suction that sucks harmful pollutants from a large area.
  • Effective Capture: HEPA filter catches dust and pollutants effectively.
  • Decomposition: Decomposes harmful germs by oxidation.

Air purifiers can indeed bring down the levels of airborne diseases but one must note that simply having the machines cannot completely eliminate these viruses and germs. To ward off these impurities completely, one must also follow the basic guidelines laid down by the health organizations strictly. You can invest in a portable room air purifier from Daikin. Powered by our own innovative patented technology, it is convenient in design and easy to use whenever you feel the need.

Find the best air purifier in Delhi at Daikin's and experience a home filled with good air and clean-living space for you and your family.

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