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July 12, 2021 | 08:45 AM


No one expected the pandemic, but it taught us all one thing it’s that one should never compromise when it comes to their health. COVID-19 ensured many of us are still staying home to stay safe, but a good question to ask yourself is ‘exactly how safe is my home?’ Even though indoor air health can be worse than that of outdoor air, people often tend to neglect the quality of the air inside their homes. Unfortunately, neglecting one’s indoor air quality is equivalent to neglecting one’s health so it’s vital to turn that around and be more conscious of the air you’re breathing. Our two new air purifiers, MC55XVM6 and MC40XVM6, provide the utmost safety thanks to their state-of-the-art technology that protects you and your loved ones.

Daikin’s patented Streamer Discharge Technology provides an extra layer of security to your health. The streamer discharge generates high speed electrons which combine with Oxygen and Nitrogen to create active species with a strong oxidative decomposition power. These species eliminate allergens such as moulds, mites, pollen, and hazardous chemical substances such as formaldehyde. Its power is 1000 times greater than that of standard plasma discharge, making it a fool proof technology for clean air.

The Active Plasma Ion Technology found in Daikin’s air purifiers release ions into the air which combine with particles to form species with strong oxidising power like OH radical. They decompose proteins in the air and reduce allergens, fungi, bacteria, and odour. They also deodorise ammonia and increase moisture. The active plasma ion technology and the streamer discharge technology act together to create a double level of protection.

The Electrostatic HEPA Filter is a high-performance filter that catches and removes 99.97% of fine particles and dust. It collects a large amount of dust with electrostatic forces and unlike unelectrified HEPA filters, it isn’t prone to clogging. This allows a larger amount of air to pass through the filter. It takes in dust and pollutants from 3 different directions which are then decomposed by the Streamer Discharge Technology.

The Deodorising Filters act as the cherry on top as they remove all unpleasant odours from the room, letting you breathe in fresh air comfortably.

These next-gen features and more make our two air purifier models the ideal choice for a safe environment. Get them today to protect yourself and your loved ones and live a healthy, clean life.

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