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November 22, 2021 | 05:15 PM


With the climate acting as weird as possible and the smog covering and pollution covering most of the metros in the country, we can’t stress enough on the importance of keeping an air purifier at home at an immediate basis. While you can prevent from going out in the thick blanket of harmful pollutants, are you sure about the air quality inside your home? Experts say, that in the current situation one needs to wear 2 masks even inside house to prevent from contracting the harmful effects of the poisonous air pollutants.

You can further get in touch with the experts you can help you discover one of the top 10 air purifiers in India which will make your purchase easy. Some of these air purifiers like the Daikin Air Purifier not just protects you against the bad air but also kills most of the disease-causing pollutants in the air.  The technology enabled system is based on the innovative lifestyle of today and is also energy efficient. We can also help you elect from a range of systems that are best suited for your individual needs, with equipment’s that can handle the indoor air quality problems specific to your home.

Let us talk about some of the factors have the most significant impact on the indoor air quality inside your home.

Basically, four primary factors heavily influence indoor air quality. Let us run through them point wise,

  1. The presence of chemical agents in cleaners and the VOCs from furnishings, glues, etc.
  2. Inadequate air ventilation that leads to improper air circulation through air filters.
  3. Higher humidity levels inside the home.
  4. Poor functioning HVAC system or clogged air filter.

How to select the best air purifier for home in India,

For finding the best air purifier you must look for the unit’s clean air delivery rate (CADR) and lso its efficiency at removing pollutants by the particle size that it can remove. The more the CADR, the lesser the particle size, the better is the quality of air purifying. Besides, these major functions, you might also want to look for the brand the smaller the particle, the better the unit. You will also want to consider brand quality, label, cost availability, energy efficiency and power saving quality.  cost/availability of filters, and annual electricity costs.

You can also play a major role in improving the air quality by following some simple steps. Some of these simple steps can potentially make a big difference, like changing the air filters, investing in an air purifier, limiting the use of chemical cleaning agents, scented candles/candles, and scented sprays will take you a long way towards cleaning the air. You should also plant more trees and plants even at your home. You must also make it a practice to keep cleaning the ducts.  

Does the air purifier remove serious pollutants?

For most almost every air purifier it is easy to remove tobacco smoke, candles, scented sprays, etc., but the serious hazards and pollutants will require immediate and specialized removal. For instance, if there is radon or asbestos as a concern then, an ordinary air filter will not provide sufficient protection against these pollutants.

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