How air pollution affects pregnant women?

September 24, 2018 | 05:30 AM


Getting pregnant is a blessing. It is one special feeling for a couple that is second to none. The joy of welcoming a newborn is something that can’t be defined through words. But considering the increasing air pollution levels all across the world, people are really worried about the health of the fetus and the pregnant lady. This concern is quite obvious as a study revealed that one of the major reasons behind the low birth weight of newborns in rural India is the prolonged exposure of pregnant women to indoor air pollution.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), women and children are some of the most vulnerable groups that may encounter diseases due to poor indoor air quality. WHO estimates that 7 million people died as an outcome of indoor and outdoor air pollution around the world because they come across diseases that became fatal. These diseases and illnesses include stroke, heart disease and severe lower respiratory infections.

Poor indoor air quality is known to have a strong relation with the onset of various health problems in pregnant women, especially cardiac and respiratory problems. The biggest danger is particle pollution, a mix of toxic solid and liquid particles floating around in the air we breathe. They damage the lungs, eyes, and throat and make respiration hard. In fact, they can sometimes cause lung cancer. Grander particles can sometimes be coughed or sneezed out of the body. Smaller particles, however, get stuck in the lungs or find their way into the bloodstream. Sources of these particles include vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke and waste burning.

World-wide studies reveal that decreasing air pollution levels is found to be quite effective in safeguarding the children’s health. A study was conducted in the California region which states that children born in the year 2007-11 has better lung function than those of the same age and in the same communities from a 1993-2001 study when air pollution was high.

Now when it comes to protect the pregnant women from the ill-effects of air pollution, the most sought after option is to get fresh air outside and install a good quality air purifier in home. With so many brands of air purifiers available in the market, it won’t be too difficult for you to compare and find a good one for you. Make sure you get a HEPA-air purifier that can help mother and baby both easier and healthier.

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