How to keep air purifier in best condition?

October 12, 2023 | 11:30 AM


The use of air purifiers has become a new norm in both residential and commercial environments as air pollution has wreaked havoc in different parts of the world. Though air pollution can hamper our lives anytime of the year winters are known to be heavily prone to air pollution due to stalled air which further promotes the accumulation of airborne pollutants. If you are looking for the best air purifiers in India, the options are aplenty but no matter which one you choose, it is necessary to maintain it properly to keep it working for longer years.

At a time when there are hundreds of air purifier manufacturers available, there won’t be any problem in choosing the best HEPA air purifier or any other type of air purifier. But, when it comes to maintaining the unit for longer usage, you should take the approach to air purifier cleaning and upkeep. In the following part of this post, you will get to know how to maintain your air purifier properly so that it can serve you for long. `

1. Change the filters on time.

First things first, make sure you change the filters at timely intervals to maintain your air purifier. The HEPA and carbon filters in air purifiers comes with a fixed lifespan, along with other types of filters. The next thing to check is to change the installed filters at the frequency advised by the manufacturer to avoid problems with air quality. By referring to the owner's handbook, you may discover the suggested interval for your specific air purifier model. Additionally, many contemporary air purifiers have filter change indicators that can easily let you know that it’s the right time to replace the filter.

There are several useful tools available in the market that enable people to to quickly determine when it's time for a new filter since it is very crucial to replace the filters timely. When it's time for a new filter, one just need to enter your air purifier model and email address into one such Filter Change Reminder tool, and you will be sent an email update. This device helps you maintain your air purifier operating at its peak performance and takes the guess work out of air filter replacements.

2. Wash your prefilter routinely.

Most air purifiers also come with prefilters that are meant to trap bigger airborne particles like dust, grime, and pet dander before they reach out to the primary HEPA and carbon filters. As a majority of prefilters can be washed, it is possible to get rid of these undesired impurities and keep the air passing through your air purifier more easily.

It is advisable to run your new air purifier for approximately a month before examining it to determine how frequently you should cleanse it. Plan to wash it at least once a month if it is visibly soiled. You may probably get away with cleaning the prefilter once every three months if it appears to be in good condition.

3. Control contaminants in your home

An air purifier needs to work extensively to eliminate pollutants from your home's air since there are more particles, VOCs, and other contaminants present. Try to limit airborne pollutants at the source to maintain your filter functioning well over the long run. Keeping up with dust in your home, using a full-scale fan to circulate air and prevent pollen from entering, and routinely vacuuming carpets to lessen pet hair and dander are all simple, doable things that can help your air purifier keep the indoor air pure.

If you don't have much knowledge about the indoor air quality in your house, an indoor air quality monitor can teach you more. These tools provide you with instantaneous readings of your indoor air quality so you may take remedial action. You can also make sure that your air purifier is running well and maintaining clean, hygienic air in your house by using an indoor air quality metre.

The Conclusion

Just like you prefer the best HEPA air purifier in India, you should pay careful attention to its maintenance part. There are several maintenance tips you can follow to keep your air purifier in the best working condition.

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