Top Reasons to Invest in Home Air Purifier

December 14, 2021 | 11:00 AM


The amount of pollution in the air, both outside and within, is becoming a growing source of concern. Air quality is essential for everyone and if you think spending more time indoors will save you from inhaling polluted air then you are mistaken, my friend. In current times, indoor air is just as harmful as outdoor air. 

Living in Delhi where the air value is 329, where 51-100 is considered as a moderate Air Quality Index (AQI) Value. It is evident that a home should have an air purifier in Delhi is in order to breathe clean air. 

Below we have discussed some reasons to Invest in Home Air Purifier

Helps fight Asthma and other Respiratory Issues

There are HEPA filters present in good quality air purifiers which help eliminate microbes that cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. The inbuilt capacity of these filters can refine over 99.9% of allergens. Buying a good-quality air filter can help you eliminate airborne chemicals and odors. Air filters have ranked 4th in the top 5 effective measures to prevent respiratory problems, asthma, etc. They are also proven to be a great way to help your home stay healthy. 

Cleans The Air from Pet's Hair

If you are a pet parent then a home air purifier is going to be bliss to you. An Air purifier will help you get rid of the odor that comes with pets. Besides the smell, pets usually shed hair and danger, which can be harmful in places where children are present and family members with a high risk of breathing the particulate-laden air. 

If your pet is not groomed regularly, the problem can aggravate. There could be health complications in the future if the suspended air enters your body. Investing in an Air Purifier in Delhi could be a good step in order to eliminate harmful particles from the air of your house and live harmoniously with your pet.  

Kills Germs & Bacteria

Air purifiers are also an effective way to guard against illness, flu, and colds. Instead of filtering through plates, the air purifiers collect and completely kill the microorganism with ultraviolet light. It helps kill the germs and bacteria that could make your family sick or prone to illness. 

The Daikin air purifier relieves your surrounding of 99.9% disease causing germs and prevents your body from falling pre to problems like bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, flu, hair fall, skin infections and more.

While many consider Air purifiers as an added unnecessary expense in their living, let us tell you that the price is too small to pay when you compare it with the cost of heavy hospital and pharmacy bills. And remember health is wealth. With rising concern of waves to reoccur of the pandemic, we suggest you make an action today and get your home an air purifier. Daikin offers you a range of air purifiers that are innovation enabled and bring the best of technology to your home.

There are more reasons why one should invest in an air purifier and quite unconventional ones. The air purifiers these days are being highly recognized by interior decorators and enthusiasts. It gives a subtle upscaled appeal to your homes. From disinfecting your surrounding to elevating its aesthetic appeal, this blog has certainly given you too much to think about and certainly a choice to make for a sanitised lifestyle.

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