Daikin Hepa Air Purifier


Do you know that the air inside our homes can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside? In fact, 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities are in India. In recent times, the PM 2.5 (Particular Matter) has reached extremely dangerous levels. It can not only get deep into a person’s lungs but can also enter the bloodstream. The rising level of indoor air pollution can cause several health problems like rhinitis, heart disease, bronchitis, eye irritation, and others.

Daikin introduces the next-gen air purifier with “New HEPA Filter” technology in which high-speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated. If you are looking for the best air purifier for pollution, then this purifier by Daikin should be on your list. Adapting the idea of, ‘fresh air reborn,’ this air purifier features Daikin Streamer Discharge technology. Streamer discharge is a type of plasma discharge in which high speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated, which eliminates bacteria and mold as well as other hazardous chemical substances and allergens. This air purifier has the ability to eliminate bacteria and mold as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens etc. from your indoor air, thus, making it the best air purifier for air pollution in India.

Moreover, in contemporary lifestyles, the need for an air purifier that matches the modern homes’ stylish interiors has increased manifold. An air purifier, that is also sleek looking is in demand among modern consumers. If you are looking for the best small air purifier for home, that also has all the features to ensure your comfort and match your lifestyle needs, then MC76VVM6 is the right choice for you. With advanced technology that also matches the modern consumers’ style needs, this air purifier by Daikin is the

Best HEPA air purifier

you can get in the Indian market. It’s time to breathe easy with Daikin Air Purifiers.
Fresh Air REBORN Less Power Consumption It consumes very less power and delivers fresh air. daikin air purifier consumes only 82W of power. Best Filtration Process It comes with multi-stage filtration process, which can take care of miniscule particles in the air. Thus Daikin air purifier provides best filtration for better air cleaning. Powerful Bottom Suction Kept on the floor, the air purifier also takes care of the pollutants settled near the floor. Daikin air purifier has powerful bottom suction. Portability You can easily move it and place it conveniently in your house. Daikin air purifier weighs only 5.6Kg.


Features High-Performance Filter to catch Fine Particles of Dust

Powerful Air Cleaning System

WAS H AB L E P RE FI L TE R Captures large particles like hair, fur, and dust by micro mesh. ODOR FILTER Eliminates smaller particles, bad odors and harmful gases by advanced activated carbon. TRUE HEPA FILTER Trapping airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size 99.97% of time. VITAL IONIZER Vital Ion™ boosts cleaning power and freshens the air by negative ions.


    Dust Sensor Lamp
  • Electrostatic HEPA Filter
    Electrostatic HEPA Filter
  • Deodorizing Filter
    Deodorizing Filter
  • ECO Mode
    ECO Mode
  • Auto Fan Mode
    Auto Fan Mode
  • Off Timer
    Off Timer
  • Auto Start After Power Failure
    Auto Start After Power Failure


Colour White & Black
Mode Air purifying operation
Applicable room area*1 Air Purification 50 m2 / (21.7m2 purified in approx. 15 minutes)
Power supply 1 phase 220-240 / 220-230 v (50/60 Hz)
Mode Quiet Standard Turbo
Airflow rate m3/min. 1.8 3.4 7.6
Power consumption W 5.0 11 82
Sound pressure level dB 25 38 56.5
Dimentions mm H455 X W427 X D243
Weight kg 5.6
Dust collection filter True Electrostatic HEPA filter
HEPA filter life 1 Year
Odour filter life 6 Months

Note:*1 Calculation based on testing method of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers, Association standard JEM1467.
*1Verified by test method based on Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association Standard JEM1467.
The standard assumes five or more cigarettes are smoked per day.
Not all harmful substances in cigarette smoke (carbon monoxide, etc.) can be removed.
More frequent filter exchange may be needed depending on operation conditons.
*Speed as per the mode: Quiet - Speed Step 1, Standard - Speed Step 2 & Turbo - Speed Step3

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