5 things to consider when looking for the best air purifiers in India

November 23, 2020 | 06:00 AM


Our indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside. Since we spend most of our time indoors, our exposure to poor indoor air quality puts us at risk for a number of ailments. Especially, living in Delhi, where the pollution levels have reached at peak toxicity levels, using an air purifier will help create cleaner, healthier air in your home or office, so you can enjoy better indoor air quality. Here are 5 things to consider when we are looking for the best air purifier in India:

1. Narrow down the reasons you want to get an air purifier

  • Allergies: Air purifiers especially designed for allergies typically have multiple filters, including HEPA filters, to remove indoor allergens.
  • Asthma: These air purifiers contain added odour and chemical filtration, along with the HEPA filters for allergen particle removal.
  • Smoke: Designed to remove smoke, fireplace soot, and other associated fumes that could aggravate existing respiratory conditions.
  • Pets: Select air purifiers are designed specifically for handling pets--they remove pet dander, odours, and hair. Ask your store manager for the air purifiers specifically designed for this.
  • Chemical Sensitivities: If you are extremely sensitive to chemicals, you might consider an air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), which essentially contain multiple filters.

2. Choosing an air purifier based upon the size

Every air purifier comes with a size specification. To choose the best air purifier in Delhi, look at the CADR rate of your preferred air purifier. The CADR rate of an air purifier indicates the volume of filtered air delivered by an air purifier. It is a measure of cleaning speed. Every size air purifier has corresponding CADR value as well. Choose your air purifier after checking your room size and its corresponding CADR rate.

3. Features to look for in an air purifier

  • Type of air filtration technology
    • True HEPA filters
    • Carbon filters
    • PECO-Filter
    • Ionizers
  • Noise Level
  • Energy Consumption
  • Cost Of Maintenance

4. Maintaining an air purifier

Maintaining an air purifier comes down to replacing air filters. Shared below is the tentative time to share 3 major types of air filters:

  • HEPA Filters: HEPA filters last between 1-5 years depending on use
  • Carbon Filters: Activated carbon filters typically last 6 months
  • Pre-Filters: Pre-filters generally last 3 months, but some filters are washable for long-term filtration

Daikin air purifiers come equipped with the world class features, including its patented streamer discharge technology and HEPA filter to give the modern user the best experience ever. Get the best air purifier in India for your homes by keeping note of these 4 points.

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