8 unconventional Daikin Air Purifier features you ought to know!

September 07, 2022 | 07:30 AM


Air purifiers today are on the way to becoming a common household appliance, if they haven’t yet already. The COVID-19 pandemic followed by the rising pollution levels in top Indian cities like Delhi, have made air purifiers a must-have for most. So, with this increasing demand comes the supply of top-quality, technology-heavy air purifiers for us to choose from.

But what makes Daikin Air Purifiers one of the best, if not the best air purifier for Delhi pollution? Here are 8 unique features of the Daikin Air Purifier that’s sure to win your heart and your homes!

  • Electrostatic HEPA Filter – HEPA filters are a must in all air purifiers, but this unique technology is available only in premium quality air purifiers like Daikin. It is a high-performance filter that catches 99.97% of 0.3µm* fine particles.
  • Deodorizing Filter – Harmful odours are caught by the pre-installed deodorizing filters that use the streamer technology to decompose in the filter itself, expelling clean and fresh air.
  • Auto Fan Mode – the best air purifier runs without wasteful operation. The Daikin Air Purifier does the same with sensors that detect the level of pollution in the air and adjust the fan speed automatically.
  • Dust and Odour Sensor Lamps – A ‘triple detection’ is performed by a dust sensor that distinguishes between small particles such as PM2.5 and large particles of dust and react accordingly to decompose them. The odour sensor simultaneously performs its detection.
  • Child Proof Lock – We are well aware that most of our customers are parents looking to provide safer, cleaner air for their children when indoors. The child proof lock is designed to ensure that there is no mishandling of the air purifier by tiny tots. It’s completely safe.
  • ECONO Mode – If you are worried about the noise levels of a Daikin Air Purifier, worry no more. The unique ECONO mode switches only between ‘Quiet’ and ‘Low’ operation modes according to the degree of pollutants in the air. On most days, this is your silent, pollutant-killer companion!
  • Turbo Mode – As the name suggests, this additional feature allows you to clean an indoor space as quickly as possible. Turn it on to high power operation when you need the room cleaned for guests or when you get back home after a long trip.
  • Anti-Pollen Mode – The Daikin Air Purifier is also capable of switching between ‘standard’ and ‘low’ modes to create a gentle turbulence that catches the pollen before it hits the floor. It is of great use for people with a pollen allergy living in a densely populated area.
  • Bonus Feature! Brightness Adjustment – If the above unique features weren’t enough for you to be convinced, the Daikin Air Purifier also includes a brightness adjustment technology for the indicator panel – most convenient during the nights.

Learn more about Daikin Air Purifiers here: https://www.daikinindia.com/products-services/air-purifier

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