The best air purifiers in India to protect yourself from viruses and other harmful substances

March 30, 2020 | 10:45 AM


Air purifiers are always a good choice for those with allergies and breathing problems. Also, given the current situation around the world, most of us would be working from home and are planning to spend a lot of time indoors with recent quarantines, lockdowns, and practicing social distancing, the air purifiers would definitely be worth considering. The modern air purifiers with their advanced functions can help with all the indoor allergens like dust, mold, pet dander, smoke from tobacco etc. Especially for people with asthma or other seasonal allergies, air purifiers are a must these days. Here’s a look at the best room air purifiers by Daikin that can help you breathe clean air at home:


Adapting the idea of, ‘fresh air reborn,’ this Hepa air purifier features Daikin Streamer Discharge technology. Streamer discharge is a type of plasma discharge in which high speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated, which eliminates bacteria and mold as well as other hazardous chemical substances and allergens. Moreover, Daikin’s purifying technology comprises a six-layered powerful removal configuration that is effective against harmful pollutants like allergens, diesel particulates, exhaust gas, cigarette, and other hazardous chemical substances. Featuring high performing true electrostatic HEPA filter, the air purifier can remove 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3 μm. Daikin’s MC76VVM6 also contains a Vital Ioniser that boosts its cleaning power and freshens the air by negative ions, making it ideal for users with breathing problems like Asthma.


With a user-friendly design that is easy to read and use, this model comes with a wide range of features like Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter, Daikin’s Streamer discharge technology, Electrostatic filtration process for increased cleaning efficiency, the air purifier is also very economical and comes with 5 replacement filters so that users would not have to buy filters for 10 years. With a stylish design suitable for all kinds of interiors, MC70MVM6 runs without any wasteful operation and in accordance with the amount of pollutants in the air as detected by its sensor.


This entry model by Daikin, comes with a compact design that allows flexible choice of where to place the unit. With PM2.5 sensor and air quality indicator, the air purifier can quickly and efficiently detect ultrafine particles. It’s 3-stage filtration system of pre-stage filter, deodorizing filter, and True Electrostatic HEPA dust collection filter, make it suitable for every Delhi household. With approximate room cleaning time of 13.2 m2/20 min, the air purifier ensures thorough and rapid purification of the indoor air.

While all these models have been engineered with advanced technology to provide you and your family with clean air, it is also very necessary that adequate precautions are taken by everyone, considering the current Covid-19 situation. While the best air purifier in India can help you reduce the chances of infections, it doesn’t guarantee good health. Stay aware, stay indoors, stay safe, and maintain proper hygiene.

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