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April 22, 2021 | 06:00 PM


You are all set with home decorations! Every corner of your house is clean. But are you confident that your house is fit to breathe in for your kids and family? Be sure, with Daikin home air purifier. The fast rising levels of virus, germs and pollutants lead to a number of respiratory and other life threatening diseases, amongst people of all age groups.

While we give too much attention to the outdoor pollution and outside disease-causing germs, we hardly ponder over the air quality inside our homes. We don’t hesitate in purchasing expensive air filters for our car and consider home purifiers as an unnecessary expense. In fact, unnecessary is the strain we put on our lungs to continuously filter the contaminated air in our homes. The tiny microbial substance needs an advanced purifying mechanism such as that of the Daikin Air purifiers, one of the best air purifier in India. In such unprecedented times, we just cannot let hygiene take a back seat. The home purifiers certain the air quality in your home.

The pollution levels are rising and so is the disease-causing germs, to safeguard your families at home it is a must that you install air purifier at home.

Daikin air purifiers combine the state-of-the-art finesse in its features like streamer discharge technology, dust and odor sensor lamps, plasma dust collection, power saving inverter, turbo mode and a lot more. It works silently and ensures you and your loved ones are assured of a quality air. Besides, the sleek design makes it a great choice for homes making it a perfect fit.

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