How to choose the best air purifier for Delhi pollution?

February 07, 2022 | 09:15 AM


Not a day goes by when we almost don't choke or feel breathless due to the increasing air pollution level in Delhi. Although it is necessary to find a solution to air pollution, the least you can do is take a step towards a healthy lifestyle. And what better way than to choose an air purifier to keep the indoors safe for you and your family? One must consider the following crucial factors before deciding which would be the best air purifier for residents of Delhi. Area Coverage: The area of the room in which you wish to install the air purifier significantly influences your purchase decision. The effectiveness of the air purifier will get affected if the coverage area is more.

CADR: Clean Air Delivery Rate is highly crucial when it comes to getting clean air at a faster rate.

Budget: Another key consideration would be the budget while purchasing an air purifier. It is best advised to make an informed decision about how much money you are willing to spend on an air purifier. You must consider the filter replacement costs, maintenance costs, power consumption, warranty, after-sales servicing, and manufacturing reputation before making a decision.

For someone living in Delhi, where the quality of air has hit alarming levels, installing a Daikin air purifier to stay healthy for longer is intrinsic. Although health is important, one must weigh all the options and factors before making a purchase to breathe clean air at our home and in our offices. You don't just get rid of pollution, but the air purifier is even capable of removing pollen and house dust mites.

We hope you will keep the above-mentioned factors in mind before making a decision while looking for the best room air purifier to give a healthy environment to your family.

To protect yourself and your loved ones from airborne diseases, you must install a suitable Daikin air purifier in your home or at your office. Ensure to compare the product in terms of features, price, and durability to find the perfect air purifier for yourself and get pure and fresh indoor air.

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