It’s time you invest in a home air purifier

April 18, 2022 | 10:30 AM


Have you lately been hearing that home air quality can be 10 times more polluted and dangerous than outdoors? If you have, then you’ve heard it right. The air pollution levels,

have risen so high that they are constantly posing a threat to mankind. While we are all about the air pollution wreacking havoc on our health outdoors and endagering humans in cities across, not many are adept with the concept of achieving a clean environment and improved indoor air quality.  People today are literally inhaling in asthma, sinusitis, allergies, flu, organ damage and multi factorial diseases.

While some the cause of indoor air pollution can be efficiently controlled by using air quality friendly electrical appliances and maintaining high levels of hygiene, but the microorganisms that cause these diseases are not easy to control as you can’t see them with your bare eyes.  

Now let us look at some of the most important causes of Indoor Air Pollution, for which you will need an air purifier in Delhi or any other city.

The multitude of reasons that cause this form of air contamination in an indoor setup, such as home or workplace includes:

  • Dust- there are layers of dust and mites that don’t meet regular cleaning
  • Smoke- from tobacco or cooking
  • Paint- harmful elements in paint can trouble your respiratory tract
  • Pet hair- As much as we love them, we know the mites on their body hair can be dangerous
  • Mould- They are everywhere and difficult to eradicate
  • Moisture and dampness- This can lead to serious hygiene and health trouble for you.
  • Disinfectants and floor cleaners- The aid to your home or office cleaning can itself be the cause to increase it.

As we discussed earlier that some of these pollutants can be seen with naked eye (like hair, dust, etc.), and thus can be controlled but what about the several others that can subtly contribute to completely ruining the air quality inside your home. These contaminants as the expert's talk are extremely harmful and toxic in nature and can also cause serious health problems ranging from asthma, inusitis, wheezing, flu, allergies, sore body, migraines and other breathing problems to something as severe as irreversible skin or eye issues.

Vacuum-cleaning your house, is one simple solution to prevent keeping the floors and walls from getting infected and assuring proper cross-ventilation on a regular basis will also maximize the cleaning affect to a certain extent while maintaining the indoor air quality in the house. On the other hand, a home air purifier from Daikin Air Purifier that is equipped with advanced technology and innovation enabled set up can eliminate undetectable or invisible air pollutants from the indoors and mitigate the risk of falling prey to frequent body sores or allergies. It protects and keeps you and your family safe, since current times our most important learning has been to take care of our and our family’s health. The upfront cost of an air purifier may seem more to you but believe me it is nothing in comparison to the big hospital bills and other costs. Prevention is always better than cure.

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