Still looking for ways to combat rising air pollution? Get a Daikin home air purifier today.

December 13, 2019 | 05:45 AM


If you’re a resident of Delhi-NCR, you live in the most polluted city in the world. According to a survey done by the WHO of 1650 global cities, the air quality in Delhi is found to be the worst in the world. And this is not the case of this year only; every year, before the onset of winters, the air quality in the national capital fall to the lowest level, putting the health of citizens at risk.

Though this concern has been here since 2010, it was in 2015-16 that civil societies, media, and environmentalists started taking a grave note of the poor quality of the air in the city. This high level of air pollution makes the situation worse only for people with breathing difficulties but also for common people like you and me.

You might have been told to stay indoors as much you can. But, that option doesn’t actually of much value because the indoor air inside our homes is said to be two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

So, how to handle this situation?

Migrating to another city is an option, but it may not be feasible for all. I think one option that we all can explore is to invest in a good home air purifier. And when it comes to choosing the best air purifier  for Delhi pollution, Daikin tops the chart.

Daikin air purifiers come with best-in-class features that ensure thorough cleaning of the air inside our home. Some of their major features are streamer discharge technology, dust and odor sensor lamps, plasma dust collection, power-saving inverter, turbo mode and lot more.

At present, the brand offers 3 air purifiers models to meet the varying air purification needs of people. All these models are loaded with innovative features and technologies and guarantee deeper cleaning of the air.

Now, let’s get to know these features below.

New HEPA Filter: Daikin’s air purifiers feature a high-performance filter that is capable of catching finer dust particles. In fact, it is able to remover 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3 µm. The new advanced HEPA filter collects dust efficiently with electrostatic forces. It is not prone to clogging compared with unelectrified HEPA filters that collect particles only by the fineness of the mesh.

Streamer Discharge: It is a type of plasma discharge in which high-speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated. This technology is capable of removing bacteria as well as mold as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens, etc. In comparison to standard plasma discharge, the discharge range of Daikin’s Streamer Discharge is wider, which makes electrons easier to collide with oxygen and nitrogen in the air. This feature makes is the best air purifier for Delhi pollution.

Powerful Bottom Suction: When placed on the floor, the Daikin air purifier also cleanses the pollutants settled near the floor. Thanks to its powerful bottom suction feature.

Best filtration process: This home air purifier comes with a multi-stage filtration process, which can take care of minuscule particles in the air. So, you can only best-in-class air filtration results.

Odor Filter: Get rid of not only harmful allergens but bad odor too as these air purifiers come with odor filter.

With so many benefits of Daikin air purifiers, there is no point in getting worried about the alarming level of air pollution. When in-home or office, you can choose to breathe in fresh and clean air.

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