What features to look for at the time of buying an Air Purifier?

January 24, 2022 | 11:30 AM


As more and more people are accepting air purifiers as an all-season staple, in this article we will help you select the best room air purifiers by digging deep into the must have features for any Air Purifier.

Air filtration technology category:

Selecting the correct filtration technology is the most critical characteristic in any air purifier to look for before purchasing an air purifier. If we take you back in time when you made a list of all your quality concerns in the air, air filtration technology is the feature is the one that will help you determine it. Various air filter categories can tackle various kinds of indoor air contaminants and disease-causing microbes. It is imperative to ensure that you are getting the air purifier that suits all your needs and its personalised as per your requirements.

HEPA filters an innovative technology is known to capture at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometres (µm). HEPA filter units may vary as per industry standards such as CADR or MERV values, but these values are not supposedly the most powerful indicators of an air purifier’s efficiency.

Carbon filters capture airy contaminants, for example VOCs, in the air through a procedure that is known as adsorption. When these filters get clogged or saturated, it loses efficiency and becomes inefficient. To remove pollutants or contaminants particles activated carbon filters come at play.

Contrary to what most people believe, PECO-filter technology does not capture airborne contaminants. On the other hand, this technology destroys pollutants like VOCs at the molecular level. With the rising levels of pollution in Delhi and most of the metropolitan cities, a classic recommendation as one of the best air purifier for delhi is the Daikin Air Purifier.

Now let us look at how the Ionizers work. The ionizers clean up the air by dispersing activated charged ions into the air. These ions sit on the airborne particles by attaching to it, allowing the particles to get charged and either attach itself to a surface at your home or get down on the ground. The technology that is used in most of the ionizers by default creates ozone as a by-product, it will welcome a long list of hazardous elements to enter and impact as per recent researches conducted by renowned associations and companies.

Air purifier provides and aesthetic appeal to your interiors with its full proof design and portability. The ease of set up, access to wi-fi, ease of movement will also be determined on the basis of where it is being placed in the house.

A lot of things fall under this umbrella, such as aesthetics, portability, ease of set-up and Wi-Fi accessibility. Consider the room in which you will place your air purifier. Making choice for a model that integrates well in your modern life requirements will be the most ideal. Matching it with your home décor can also be one.

Noise level

In case an air purifier is noisy, there is a high possibility that you are using it not regularly. This is important if you want complete silence in your room, it is significant to look for what to expect in terms of noisiness. Even the air purifiers with the most minimum levels of fan speed operate at a rating of 20-40.

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