Best Air Purifiers for Homes in India

March 05, 2021 | 06:30 AM


In 2019, our country recorded the highest air pollution exposure globally. 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Every year, our air quality seems to be deteriorating and the multiple health problems this crisis brings along with it are a good reason for a wake-up call. From lung problems to heart disease, there’s no shortage of ailments one needs to protect themselves from. While this might sound scary, there is no reason to worry when one has the best air purifier for a home in India.

Some people think staying indoors is a good enough safety guard from the air outside but this is not true. In fact, a recent study showed that the air inside our homes can be two to three times more polluted than the air outside! Hence, staying indoors is not a shield against the dangerous levels India’s PM 2.5 has reached. Air purifiers have become essential for people with the number of pollutants, viruses and dust mites that flow freely in the air. Air purifiers control and clean the air quality inside one’s home, so that their families and they may live safe and secure lives. They are especially recommended for people who face respiratory diseases or for children, who are susceptible to illnesses.

At Daikin, we offer three ranges of air purifiers that will clean the air and protect our consumers. We have the best air purifiers for Delhi that understand how polluted both the air inside and outside are, and function to rid our consumers’ surroundings of all unwanted particles.


The MC30UVM6 is an entry model with a simple but compact design. It’s advised for budget-conscious buyers who may not be able to spend much but still want their homes to be secure. Boasting of the TRUE electrostatic HEPA filter that catches an incredible 99.97% of 0.3 mm of fine particles, this is a high-performing air purifier. It also ensures that our customers’ houses will be dust-free with its Dust PM2.5 Filter: a dust sensor that detects house dust and PM 2.5 ultra-fine particles approximately 2.5 PM and smaller, with lamps that indicate air quality. Additionally, it has one more filter that is a bonus. Its Deodorising Filter ensures the space always smells fresh by catching odours and eliminating them. Daikin’s other air purifier models do not have this filter as they use Streamer Discharge to decompose these odours and adjuvants on the filter. Lastly, the MC30UVM6 has a Low noise level filter. This means our customers are free to go on working from home or watching a movie without worrying about any disturbance. It is also ideal for those who want their air purifier on night while sleeping.


The MC70MVM6 model is extremely impressive with its six stage filtration process for better air cleaning. This technology decomposes and removes bacteria, viruses, odours, allergens, adjuvants, formaldehydes, mould spores and other undesirable air components. It has features such as Turbo Mode, Anti Pollen Mode, Dust and Odour Sensor Lamps, Plasma Dust Collection, Pleated Dust Collection Filter, Power Saving Invertor, Prefilter, and Sleep Mode.


The MC76VVM6 model is a next-gen air purifier with the “New HEPA Filter” technology that generates high=speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition. In other words, it is the best air purifier for your homes in India. It consists of these features: Dust Sensor Lamp, ECO Mode, Electrostatic HEPA Filter, Off Timer, Auto Fan Mode, Auto Start After Power Failure and Deodorising Filter.

In summary, one cannot compromise on clean air in today’s day and age and Daikin’s air purifier models are the best air purifiers in Delhi’s environment. No matter which air purifier one chooses, it will enhance their lives significantly while keeping them safe.


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